Cats are cats and they are... well cats... I don't know any good way to say this but they have very picky tastes and although some of you may beg to differ... most Cats (not all) have a very refined palette.

Don't worry though! We've put together the most common cat dislikes and hopefully, you will find these of use. :)

- We all hate this ... Spoiled food.

Spoiled food can contain bacteria such as salmonella, which can really hurt your furry friend.


- Dry and Wet food.

 Don't be surprised if your cat refuses to eat dry or wet food, it might be because the cat lost the taste for the food and needs some variety, it could also be because the food's gone bad.

They are quite picky when it comes to temperature as well, if the food is too hot then the cat will learn to avoid it because it's too hot when it's cold, they won't eat it. (also cold food isn't good for cats).

Those are a few of the dislikes a cat can have, obviously it depends on your furry royalty's personality.