Unlike Dogs, Cats are very Picky... However, most cats have a few common interests. Here are the top likes of your pet kitty cat.

- smoked salmon (lox)

I'm a vegetarian... I don't want to eat it but I'm pretty sure your cat would.

- (surprisingly) spinach

You and I may not like spinach but Cats find them as a tasty treat.

- sardines

I think this is an obvious one... Cats love fish, right? (most of the time, Yes)

- beef/chicken broth

Remember! serve the broth warm.

- blueberries and melons

Mmm... a perfect snack for some bonding time with your cat... Delicious for you and your pet!

- turkey or chicken gizzards


- cheese

Be careful! some cats are lactose-intolerant!

- fresh or frozen peas

Cats don't like cold food usually, They prefer food that's 

- Nutritional Yeast

This food should not be confused with baking yeast because baking yeast is TOXIC to cats.

Nutritional yeast is not live yeast so it is a-okay for cats to eat it.

These are just a few easy options but just remember that every cat's taste palette is different just like humans... so don't be surprised when your cat doesn't like the most decent foods...