Dogs and Cats, What do we feed them?

We all love our furry friends and giving them tit-bits are our greatest delight! But do we know what we feed them could potentially threaten their lives?

  • Chocolate

while this sweet treat is delicious for us it's toxic for Dogs as well as Cats, causing diarrhea, extreme thirst, but looking on the more scary side it can cause abnormal heart rhythms, seizures, tremors, or death.

  • Bacon and fatty meats

Mmmmm delicious, for you though but not for me, other vegetarians and vegans and Dogs it cause upset stomachs and, in very scary cases, can cause dogs to drink too much water, leading to bloat, which can be fatal...

  • Salty foods

Salt is salty, yes but for Dogs, Eating too much salt might cause vomiting, diarrhea, high body temperature, and seizures, in addition to bloat, as is the case with bacon.

  • Garlic and Onions

Vampires and Werewolves can't be near Garlic, And Dogs and cats can't eat garlic and onions either, small amounts maybe okay but its best to steer your pet away from all forms of garlic and onions: anemia, lethargy, weight loss and gastrointestinal problems are some causes.

  • Dairy products

Unlike those who are lactose intolerant or just plain don't drink milk or dairy products... Many of us love milk, ice-cream, cheese and other dairy products but dogs and cats both can't digest milk like normal. On one hand adult cats are lactose intolerant and on the other dogs don't have the enzymes to digest lactose although some dogs can tolerate it more than others but it's best not to give too much unless of course you're giving lactose free cheese or milk...Dairy can cause dogs and cats to vomit, have diarrhea, or develop gastrointestinal diseases. The high fat content can lead to pancreatitis, as is the case with fatty meats.

Well there are many more do's and don'ts but if I continued to write them all, I might as well write a book!

If you want more info you should check out these two websites after all that's where i got my info...

And as always you can look for more info in Google, FireFox and Internet Explorer.

Be careful!



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