Fun Fact #14

Okay! I have a squid obsession. Who wouldn't? They are cool. Today's fun fact is The Long Arm Squid or also known as the Bigfin Squid.

Name: The Long Arm Squid/ The Bigfin Squid (Magnapinna)

Conservation status: Not Extinct

Lifespan: Unknown

What they eat: Unknown

Where they live: Deep waters but mostly unknown.

Not to be confused with the Bigfin Reef Squid.


More Facts: - There have only been about a dozen sightings of The Bigfin Squid. They are a rare sight!

- As the name suggests, the arms and tentacles of the squid are both extremely long.


When I thought of writing this blog I thought more was known about the species, but I was wrong. So most of the basic information that should be there is unknown. Hey! maybe it is for the best.

Anyways, this is the shortest blog I ever wrote. Remember to be the change you want to see and stay tuned for more blogs.


Question of the day: Comment down below on what animals you want us to blog about? - Kara -------------------------------------------------------------------------

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