Fun Fact #16

Storks….the well-known birds that delivers babies.

This long-lasting myth was originally established in Germany far back in the 19th century. Storks have been associated with babies and families for centuries. It was also a common story to tell children, so much so that there was a movie made based on them.

But these long-legged birds are much more then baby delivering birds.

Name: Stork (Ciconiidae)

Lifespan: 30 years

What do they eat: They are carnivores.

They mostly feed on insects, rodents, frogs, snakes

and rarely the chicks and eggs of birds.

Where are they found: Mainly in Europe, Asia,

and Africa. One specie, the black necked stork

is found in Australia.

Group Name: Muster or Phalanx

Wingspan: 7 feet

Weight: 3.4 kg


Fun Facts:

- Storks are heavy birds. They can’t fly very far by flapping their wings. Instead, they glide on warm air currents called thermals.

- Young storks are called Goslings.

- There are 19 species of storks.

- The European White Stork travels over 12,000 miles during migration.

- Black storks can kill their babies, especially the weak ones.

Black Stork White Stork


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From one curious animal lover to another!

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Image credit: Santiago Lacarta


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