Fun Fact #17

Let's talk about the Ili Pika, an adorable mammal with a teddy bear face.

Name: Ili Pika

Animal Status: Mammal

Location: Endemic to North China [Mountainous areas]

Family: Ochotonidea

Conservation Status: Endangered with a decreasing population.

Food Status: Herbivore [grasses, herbs and other mountain plants]

Weight: 240g (for both genders)

Length: 20cm (for both genders)

Sadly, Ochontona Iliensis (Ili Pika) is extremely endangered with only 1000 or less living in the wild. Because they are so hard to get a hold of, we don't know much about them and scientists are still learning new things but in the mean time take a look at these fun facts:

  • It is known locally in China as the 'Magic Bunny'

  • The famous pokemon Pikachu is based on Pikas!

  • The Ili Pika can tolerate cold weather and doesn't hibernate.

  • They store their food behind rocks creating 'haypiles'.

  • Ili Pikas are diurnal* and nocturnal*.

Li Weidong, The man who discovered the pikas, is hoping to change the fact that there are no efforts to help the Ili Pika maintain a stable population. He hopes that the rediscovery of this species that was once considered lost will aid in creating conservation areas for the pikas.

Want to learn more about the pikas?

Click here or here!

That's it for today, Stay blessed and curious!


image credits: Li Weidong


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