Fun Fact #18

Vultures the garbage gobblers of nature. Without these proficient birds the Earth wouldn’t be quite as clean. These menacing creatures must be protected as they play a vital role in the ecosystem by reducing the spread of diseases.

Name: Vultures (Cathartes aura)

Lifespan: Black Vulture- 10 years

King Vulture- 30 years

What do they eat: Carrion (Animal Carcasses)

Where are they found: Mostly in Europe, Africa, and Asia

Group Name: A group of vultures perched

in a tree, are called a 'committee', a 'venue'

or even a 'volt'. When the vultures are on

the ground to feed on carcass, they're called a 'wake'.

Wingspan: 1.2- 2.6 m (depends on the species)

Number of species: 23


Fun Fact:

- Vultures pee on their legs to cool off in hot weather.

- Vultures have very weak legs and cannot carry their prey.

- It is a myth that vultures circle dying animals.

- Turkey Vultures have a very good sense of smell as well as sight. They also have a good immune system to protect them from the rotten meat.

-Vultures have strong and curved Turkey Vulture beaks for ripping apart meat.

- September 7 is celebrated as

international vulture awareness day.


Question of the Day: Comment down below an animal you would like to know more about.

From one curious animal lover to another!

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Image credit: Casey Allen


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