Fun Fact #8

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Don't be deceived by the cover image cause a Zorilla is not a Gorilla-Zebra hybrid.

A Zorilla is this:

Adorable, isn't he?

Before you pound me with questions let me explain what a zorilla really is.

Name: Zorilla or African Polecat or Zoril or Zorille or Cape Polecat or African Skunk

Animal Status: Mammal

Location: Sub- Saharan and Southern Africa.

Family: Mustelidae (same as skunks)

Conservation Status: Least concern

Food Status: Carnivore (rodents and insects)

Weight: (F) 596g - 880g (M) 681g - 1460g

Length: 63cm (for both genders)

A Zorilla is quite fascinating and there is still much more to be known about this furry friend, in the meanwhile enjoy some facts:

- It's name comes from Zorro which is fox in spanish.

- They have unique face markings

- Newborn Zorillas are blind, deaf and naked...

- They can scream!! (this is followed by a disgusting smell XD )

I hope you enjoyed that <3

Stay Safe, Well and Blessed :)


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