Fun facts #7

Today's animal of the day is Crown of Thorns Starfish. You may think well what's so important about a starfish but it is one of the most dangerous animals in the world

Name: Crown of Thorns Starfish ( Acanthaster planci )

Conservation status: not extinct

What do they eat?: They feed on hard corals.

Habitat: Coral reefs

Life span: -

It is normal for a reef to have a couple of Crown of Thorns Starfish but when the water gets dirty, too many of them appear. That is bad for the reef and too many of them in the same place is known as an Outbreak.

More facts: - They have spikes. These spikes are poisonous.

- They reproduce asexually.

- It has many arms

- They are the most poisonous starfish.

Stay tuned for more Into the Wild. - Kara

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