Happy International Teachers...

Happy International Teachers to all our dear teachers. We thank you for teaching, tolerating and loving us with all your hearts. You have inspired and are still inspiring us to do better things in life. Thank you for filling us with infinite knowledge and teaching us the moral values. It is because of you we have become good students.

You have guided us through everything. You have taught us:

To solve every problem. ( Math teachers )

Biolgists take cellfies. ( Biology teachers )

Bad frequency jokes..Hertz. ( Physics teachers )

AH! is the Element of Surprise. ( Chemistry teachers )

Was Roman Empire cut in half ? with a pair of Caesars. ( Social Studies Teachers )

When past, present and future walked into a club. It got really tensed.

( English Teachers )

We shouldn't eat a French fish because it's POISSON! ( French teachers )

Never to trust Google Translate for Arabic because it fails. ( Arabic teachers )

Laughter is the best medicine. ( Moral values teachers )

When we push ups, we look like energy generators. ( Physical Education teachers )

We can never remember what book it was but we remember that the cover page was Red ( Library teachers )

One more time, Thank you. We have you have many more amazing students like us and we give you all a Virtual Hug.

Stay tuned for more.. Love, Kara and Fauna

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