In Memory of Cecil

July 2015, a lion was brutally murdered in Zimbabwe.

Cecil, 22 year old male lion was killed by Walter Palmer, a Minnesota dentist and an avid trophy hunter. This was a shock to Andrew Loveridge, who had been studying Cecil for the past 8 years.

Walter Palmer hid near by an elephant carcass, flanked by a Zimbabwean guide. Cecil undisturbed by the presence of humans (as he lived in a safari park) moved closer to the carcass and began eating, sadly Walter raised his compound bow and fired a sharp arrow which pierced Cecil's side. Cecil died slowly and painfully in 2 hours.

This sad story doesn't end here, Charges were dropped against Walter and his guide.

To ensure this never happens again here are some petitions you can sign:

To find out more on Cecil, visit:

If we stand together and fight against such unfair circumstances, we can bring a change... together.

Stay Curious and Blessed,


image credits: Unsplash

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