Is the Ocean blue? Myth or Fact? #2

In todays blog of the myth buster is whether the ocean is actually blue in color.

Well, it is a myth. The ocean is blue is a common misconception that people assume as the color is due to reflection of the sky, which is blue. But that is not the case. The ocean is not blue in color. In fact it is colorless but it is blue in appearance.

If water is colorless, why does the ocean appear blue?

The reason is complicated.

The rays of the sun is white light and that white light is composed of many colors. For example, take a red flower. The flower appears red because it absorbs all the colors except red and that red is reflected.

So, the white light enters the sea is composed of different wavelengths of red, yellow, orange and blue. The red, orange and yellow is absorbed by the water and the blue is reflected back.

Light behaves differently in water. It refracts or bends in water. You can observe the refraction in a swimming pool where the light looks bend and warped.

It looks different according to salinity and temperature.

Sunlight cannot penetrate through the water to the very bottom. So as we deeper, it gets darker and eventually becomes pitch-black.

That is why scientists and animals rely on sound to navigate rather than sight.


Question of the day: What myths do you know? - Kara

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