Stop it!! Stop killing them!!

Don't animals have the right to live?? Don't we have better methods to protect our farms rather than murder?? The Blue Bull also known as Nilgai (which means blue bull) is being unmercifully killed to extinction at the order of the government because they were destroying a few crops! this is wrong! In Bihar at least 300 nilgai's were killed just because they were CONSIDERED a VERMIN!!!

In 2011, then forest minister Sartaj Singh had floated a proposal to issue temporary licences to hunters and charge them Rs 5,000 for every nilgai (blue bull) they kill.

These poor antelopes have done nothing wrong! their being punished for what? EATING?? What about the cows? They destroy the crops too! but are they being driven to extinction? NO!!

Two Nilgai Fighting

For more than a decade, it has been legal for farmers in Madhya Pradesh to kill a nilgai by seeking permission from district authorities by citing continual damage to their standing crops.

Please stop, Bihar, Nepal and others! don't you think every animal has the right to eat? Isn't there another way to protect the crops? Help the Nilgai survive! Join the force and please tweet Maneka Gandhi about this!

I hope we can save this species of antelope... before it's too late.


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