Teddy Bears!

Don't mistake these apex predators for cuddly huggable teddy bears! They may be furries but their killer claws, amazing sense of smell and quick speed will quickly make you wish you never hugged him/her in the first place.

Despite the reputation of being relentless animals that rip humans to pieces, Bears tend to avoid as much human contact as possible, from The Sloth Bear to The Polar Bear all they want is a little peace.

There are many species of bears like:

  • Polar Bear

  • Sloth Bear

  • Grizzly Bear

  • Brown Bear

  • American Black Bear

  • Asian Black Bear

  • Sun Bear

  • Spectacled Bear

And many more...

Here are some facts to keep in mind:

  • A hungry Grizzly will fiercely defend it's food from anyone who tries to steal it.

  • Grizzly Bears don't have poor eyesight, it's a myth! Bears can see in colour, similar to human eyesight.

  • A full grown male Grizzly can weight up to 1,500 pounds and reach a height of 8-9 feet!

  • A momma-bear is the most dangerous encounter you could ever have with a bear.

  • A Bear has a huge mouth, with 42 massive teeth

  • You can tell the difference between a grizzly and a black bear by looking at their front claws.

  • A Panda Paw has 6 fingers! yes, you heard me right, 6 Fingers!! It helps them handle long sticks of bamboo easier.

  • A polar bear's diet consists mostly of seals, sometimes beluga whales and walruses and very rarely, if they feel up to it then they will also go after reindeer young and bird eggs.

  • A polar bear's paw is as big as a dinner plate, Imagine if your mother had a polar bear paw! the slaps would be twice as big!!

Encountering A Bear In The Wild:

While bears are quite beautiful, you might want to keep a safe distance as I mentioned before A momma-bear is the most dangerous encounter you could ever have with a bear, why? because the mother will go to any length to keep her babies safe and if that means eliminating you then she will.

What should you do if you ever run into an encounter like this? (a few points)

  1. DO NOT RUN, A bear can easily out run you reaching 30mph in full sprint.

  2. Scream and try to scare off the bear, I know this is obvious but it works, bears are not interested in you so when you scream and try to scare them off by waving your hands in the air and trying to look as big as scary and as crazy as possible, they will run away.

  3. If a brown bear charges then deploy the bear spray, no not bug spray, bear spray. It's basically the bear version of pepper spray. This will irritate the bears nose and eyes causing them to become confused and have extreme discomfort, in the mean time you better make a run for it up a tree or try and mask your scent in some mud.

  4. This is the last resort: if escape is unthinkable and you are stuck, drop to the ground, bring your knees to your chest and put your hands behind the back of your neck and the back of your head, then, brace yourself and start praying... no sounds, no movements. If the bear thinks the threat is eliminated then you might just escape with your life.

Just remember - Never Run

Stay safe and Stay Curious,


image credits: https://learningenglish.voanews.com/a/making-faces-is-fun-for-sun-bears/4846923.html





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