The Last White Rhino...

White rhino's used to be very wide-spread until poachers got a hold of them, then the decline began. in 2013 the poaching doubled and the population decreased massively.

White Rhinos are the second largest land mammal and their name comes from 'afrikaans' language, the word "weit" which means wide referring to their wide lips that barely have any hair on it. There are two different subspecies, the northern white rhino and the southern white rhino. Currently the southern white rhino is not endangered (being the only species from the 5 rhino species still not endangered) it's considered near threatened.

But sadly the northern white rhino doesn't share the same happy fate. There are only two northern white rhino's left both female....decreasing the rate of offspring.

The last male rhino had died in march 19th 2018.

Joseph Wachira comforts the last male northern white rhino moments before he died

His name was Sudan and he lived for 45 long happy years. due to health complications the people decided to put Sudan's pain and misery to an end by putting him to sleep.

The Good News?

Scientist have found a way to make sure that the northern white rhino doesn't go extinct. Out of the 10 eggs they harvested, 7 have been successfully matured and are ready to be put inside of Najin and her daughter, Fatu (the last remaining northern white rhinos) after the eggs are fertilised.

The eggs are being transported to Italy for fertilisation.

If all goes well we will soon have 7 new northern white rhinos and maybe even more!


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