The Silent Extinction

Everybody knows our amazing and beautiful friends, the giraffes!

Yet no one knows the plight they endure...

Are Giraffe's Endangered?

scientifically yes . legally no. giraffes are considered vulnerable meaning they face a high risk of extinction. the causes?

  1. habitat loss

  2. poaching

Natives believe that giraffe flesh can cure AIDS/HIV and they use giraffe tails as fly-swatters (as if normal plastic swatters or rolled up newspaper isn't enough🙄🤨)

While giraffe populations in southern Africa are doing just fine, the world’s tallest animal is under severe pressure in some of its core ranges across East, Central and West Africa. ( )


IUCN Red List

As a species:

Giraffe -Vulnerable

The listed subspecies:

Angolan giraffe - Least Concern

Kordofan giraffe - Critically Endangered

Nubian giraffe - Critically Endangered

Reticulated giraffe - Endangered

Rothschild’s giraffe - Near Threatened

Thornicroft’s giraffe - Vulnerable

West African giraffe - Vulnerable


This is called sad, this is called murder, this is called upsetting, and this is ... what horrible things humans(poachers and others) have to offer.

Lets take a stand, create awareness and fight for giraffes!!

~ Fauna

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