Touching a Baby bird will cause it to be abandoned, Myth or Fact?

We've all probably heard this at-least once, "Don't touch a baby bird, if you do the mother can smell your scent and will abandon it." Well, we've got some good news. This isn't true.

Most birds have an awful sense of smell and aren't willing to readily abandon their young, this however doesn't mean you can go ahead and pick up or touch every baby bird you see. Tiny baby birds that seem helpless may have their mom watching them close-by, your disturbance near the nesting site rather than smell is far more prone to lead a mother to abandon the little ones.

Whenever you see a baby bird on the ground, keep in mind that the mom may be close-by but if you want to be sure that the bird is safe take a look at the guide-lines here.

Stay curious and blessed,


P.S, please keep in mind that just because the link leads to peta doesn't mean we as a group support it, here's why.

image credits: Elijah Hail

Ryk Naves

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