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Wild Kratts

If you love animals you've definitely heard of the Wild Kratts.

Wild Kratts is a show featuring the main characters: Martin and Chris Kratt, Aviva Corcovado, Koki, and Jimmy Z, as they adventure through the world entertaining children with the amazing creature world and it's facts...

This is a childhood favourite of mine and I still watch it today. Starting in 2010, Wild Kratts is still going on and continues to provide children and even adults

, educational, action-filled and a 100% clean entertainment.

The founders, Chris and Martin Kratt (Yes they are brothers in real life) are fascinated by the creature world and they want to spread that enthusiasm to everyone.

My love for God's creations bloomed because of Wild Kratts.

The show is on it's 6th season and it's going strong with an amazing story-line... And it's all about science too, Making knowledge fun!

The Kratt brothers also have other shows like

  • Zoboomafoo ( 2 Seasons )

  • Kratts' Kreatures (still going on today)

  • Be the Creature (no episodes to date)

etc, etc.

I hope when you check the Wild Kratts out, you will clearly enjoy the program, Just as I did... :)

Stay Healthy and Be Curious,


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