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Act now on Climate Change!

If you are not aware about the current crisis besides the pandemic which we have been told many times, then, this blog is for you. Climate Change is similar to global warming. It is basically the increase in global temperatures.

Climate change is caused due to the a multiple number of things. Mainly global warming. The increase in carbon emissions, pollution, carbon footprint etc.


The thing is people do not realize the power of climate change. Climate change is destroying the very balance of existence.

- Increase in the world temperature which is leading to the polar ice caps melting. Which therefore increases water levels on Earth, which leads to the sinking of many coastal towns and cities.

- Climate change is destroying reefs, life cycles organisms of just because they are not adapted for this type of climate. Coral Reefs, the rainforest of the seas are at 99% risk.

- Female sharks eggs hatch premature due the increase of water temperatures.

- Climate is changing the breeding environments for organisms, changing the climatic conditions for crop growth like vineyards and loss of habitats due to wildfires which creates ecological imbalance in the environment .


The Governments and Scientists are creating measures and plans to reduce carbon emissions. But this should not be an individual act, it is supposed to be a teamwork. Every single person standing up for a common cause. So please do not say that someone else will do it because if everyone says that, then no will do it. And we got no time to waste.

Remember that life isn't possible on Mars and that there ain't no Planet B. We get it that other people are trying. But the question is, are we? - Kara

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