Are we going to watch this Animal Abuse happen??

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

We've all enjoyed watching the Dolphinariums and Aquariums put on a show with Dolphins, Orcas and Seals... but none of us know the true heartbreaking story behind the scenes.

For instance...have you noticed that the animals that do perform are very eager to receive the food (treat) given to them after they perform? Well the reason behind that is that the Animals are kept half starved before their performances so that they would know that if they perform well then they will receive food, otherwise they will starve....

The performing animals are kept in an enclosure five times smaller than their natural environmental territory subjecting them to a lack of exercise and collapsed dorsal fins as a result of an unnatural diet of thawed dead fish and lack of exercise.

Dolphins live in the wild for about 20-30 years, but in captivity they only live for half that time, even Orcas live in the wild for 50-60 years but in captivity they only live for half the time sadly...

What can we do??

1.Stop going to Aquariums and dolphinariums.

2. Don't support places that make Animals perform

-STOP giving them money.

3.Help organizations that don't support such cruelty and donate so that they can raise money for these poor Animals.

4.Last but not least Raise awareness about the "behind the scenes".

Help us save this Magnificent species of Dolphin, Orca and Seal.

~ Fauna

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