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Fun fact #15

These large hooting fuzzy wise birds that soar over us during the night our so magnificent.

So, I wanted Today's fun fact to be about these wide-eyed creatures.

Name: Owls (Strigiformes)

Lifespan: Owls are known to live up to 25 years.

What do they eat: Owls eat various mammals

like rats, rabbits, etc. They also eat amphibians

like frogs and reptiles like lizards and snakes,

even insects, other birds and fish at times.

Where do they live: Owls of different genus live in

a variety of habitats like coniferous forests,

mountain desert, and plains. The snowy owls live in the artic tundra in the northern hemisphere.

Internal cycle of activity and energy: Most species of Owls are nocturnal. THE BLAKISTON' FISH OWL


Fun Facts:

- There are about 200 species of 0wls.

- The Blakiston's Fish Owl is the rarest

and the most the endangered species.

- A group of Owls is called Parliament.

- Not all Owls’ hoots! Some chirp, whistle,

screech and make other voices.

- Barn owls have heart shaped faces.

- Owls have a 270-degree range of vision without

moving their bodies.

- Owls symbolized learning and knowledge as well as death and victory. BARN OWL

- The color of their eyes can tell you whether that bird prefers to hunt during the day or at night.

- Owls are silent when flying.


There is so much more to know about these mystical beauties.

You can read more about them on-


Question of the Day - Which animal would you like to know more about? Comment down below and you may get a blog on it.

From one curious animal lover to another.

Stay tuned for more blogs! - Kie


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