Glaucus Atlanticus

Updated: May 12, 2021

Complicated name? Well you can also call it Blue Dragon or Angel of the Sea. These blue dragon snails float upside down and go where-ever the ocean will take them.

*Clip from Disney's Moana*

"One day I'll know, if I go there's just no telling how far I'll go"

~ Moana

Ironic, isn't it? Well despite Moana's journey to Tifiti, These sea snails will look out for Portuguese Man O' War and other venomous siphonophores (sigh-fawn-no-fors)

to munch on.

Although they look like little adorable pokemons and probably scream, 'Touch me!!!'

It's best if you don't... You see, these blue dragons have stinging nematocysts (exploding cells that contain a giant secretory organelle that deliver a nasty sting) to keep them safe from predators and the venom of their prey, if necessary they can deliver a nasty sting to humans as well...

Glaucus Atlanticus has a look-a-like, Check this guy out:

Doesn't he look almost the same?

"Never fear! The differences are Here!!"

One of the differences is mainly size... Glaucus Marginatus (or blue nudibranch) is tiny compared to it's sea slug cousin.

Have a look at this next picture to illustrate:

The one on the right is the blue nudibranch and the one on the right is the Blue dragon sea slug.

There are many differences between the two but we'll leave that for you to explore...

Stay Safe and Curious,



Disney's Moana

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