Ignis! Ignis in Australia!

If your wondering what that meant... it means fire! fire in australia! In latin

Yes if you haven't heard Australia is burnin' and it ain't no small wild fire. this time the bush-fire is blazing through Australia killing billions of animals and around 34 people have died.

the Australian fires are a normal thing in the dry, hot terrain of Australia(Auz). but the fire that started in 2019 July is one of the worst ones auz has experienced.

where is this fire?

A satellite image of the bush-fires burning across Australia on December 26.( image credit: https://edition.cnn.com/ )

The flames have torn through the national parks and even some of the cities like Melbourne and Sydney have been hit with thick smoke causing the air to become polluted. In December the weather became so bad in Sydney that it was declared 11 times the hazardous level.

What's the cause of this fire? who's to blame?

Every year there is a fire season in auz during the summer which causes embers to spark up and start burnin' nd spreadin'.

Of course natural causes have contributed a part to the fires like like lightning strikes in drought-affected forests. Dry lightning was responsible for starting a number of fires in Victoria's East Gippsland region in late December, which then traveled more than 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) in just five hours, according to state agency Victoria Emergency. (source:edition.cnn.com).

Some fires were also started deliberately....

The Good News?

The fire has been contained!! news broke out yesterday that the fire has been contained.

Heavy rains have helped the firefighters contain the fires and now thousands of residents are back to their jobs earning a steady income.


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