Mama's Love

You might think this is an odd title to write about but it perfectly fits,

On May 20th a bunch of teenage boys threw bricks and smashed a swan's eggs in her nest, What's more? The mama swan died of grief and heart- break...

Manchester canal was where this crime happened, (Despite what happened, Swans are protected there) Wildlife activists found her body in her nest shortly after the incident.

The father swan had left a few weeks ago because of stress.. leaving the mother defenceless

It's just sick... sick, cruel and unjust... God did not make these animals for us to hurt and torture for our pleasure or entertainment, We were made to live in harmony together protecting our home together.

Few months ago, I came to know of a pregnant elephant who suffered injustice in the hands of humans,

People in India gave the mama a pineapple containing a cracker inside it (I mean the explosive cracker not the edible cracker). Well Mama Elephant swallowed the Pineapple whole and went for a drink... all of a sudden KA-BOOM! and the cracker exploded inside of her... Sadly both the mother and the unborn baby died.

Is this supposed to be some sick joke? I think this is unfair and I bet many out there think so too...

So please, if you see some kinda cruelty like this about to happen then take action... Call RSPCA or the police or stop the action yourself...

"When we choose to stay silent and not say something,

We are saying something"


Stay Strong and Safe,


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