Oil spill in Mauritius....

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

On August 7th 2020, Mauritius declares state of environmental emergency after oil leak from a stranded ship. Oil spills are very dangerous for not only animals but the surrounding habitats too. Mauritius has said the ship was carrying nearly 4,000 tons of fuel and cracks have appeared in its hull. The Prime Minister appealed to France for help as they don't have the proper equipment to clean such a great spill. Later the broke into two parts. It has affected a lot of species living in the area. Fourteen dolphins are dead. They are doing the best that they can and we thank you for that.

We need to be very careful these days. It is our responsibility to help our planet and save it. We are fighting against problems like Covid- 19, inequality, raging fires etc but be help, be responsible citizen. Follow the rules for the betterment of the societies.


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