Thank you for 15 years...

Supernatural cast and crew thank you for 15 years of dedication and hard work. This show will forever be the best in the world. We thank you for the loyalty, kindness, and love you have shown to the fans. You have made each scene and blooper a memory to keep. You have made us a part of your family. We also thank you for the charity works you all have done and for helping raise money for good causes.


I remember first watching the show, watching those two brothers (Sam & Dean) fight the good fight. They looked like babies. Obviously, they have grown since but they never lost their sense of humor. They taught me that you have to keep on going and never give up when it gets tough. And also that "Family doesn't end in blood".

This shows means a lot to a lot of people. You have helped many people in different ways. This family will never end. Thank you Supernatural...

- Kara

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